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Most of our human problems are caused by us, the humans. We address the problems, but not their root causes. We fight the same battles, generation after generation. Let's Move Ahead seeks to shine light on our root problems in order to make meaningful and lasting improvements to the human condition. One of our biggest problems is that many human decisions, actions, and behaviors are based on beliefs, rather than facts. Most of us filter information and reality through our belief systems. (Remember the party game, "Telephone" or "Pass It On"?) Plato referred to this in his Allegory of the Cave in The Republic. True independent, critical thinking could go a long way in making this world a better place to live. The French philosopher Voltaire observed that "opinions have caused more ills than the plague or earthquakes on this little globe of ours." Our Ideas section offers more suggestions. Please feel free to chime in with your own suggestions on our Contact Us page.

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